VA – 35 Best Cardio Dance Hits 2019-WEB-2019-iDC

Download VA - 35 Best Cardio Dance Hits 2019-WEB-2019-iDC
Artist:DJ Space’c
Album:35 Best Cardio Dance Hits 2019
Format:MPEG-1 LAYER 3
Bitrate:320 Kbps
Sample Rate:44100 Hz
Size:367 MB
#Song TitleArtistTime
1Sunflower (Fitness Version 128 BPM)DJ Space’c05:06
2Thank You Next (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Th Express05:07
3Lost In Japan (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Lawrence04:07
4Love Lies (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Trancemission05:05
5Shallow (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters04:52
6Kiss And Make Up (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters04:20
7Ruin My Life (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Morgana04:52
8There’s No Way (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Circle 9904:38
9Without Me (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Kangaroo04:37
10Broken (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Blue Minds05:22
11Polaroid (Fitness Version 128 BPM)The Corporation05:08
12Just Got Paid (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters05:20
13Head Above Water (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Divina05:20
14Happier (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Orlando04:18
15I’m A Mess (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Lita Brown04:05
16Comeback Kid (Fitness Version 128 BPM)DJ Space’c04:22
17Live Love Dance (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Lady Shelly03:42
181999 (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Kangaroo05:07
19Don’t Leave Me Alone (Fitness Version 128 BPM)DJ Space’c Feat. Anne04:17
20Electricity (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Th Express04:16
21No Drama (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Lawrence04:06
22Free Free Free (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters04:52
23You Are The Reason (Fitness Version 128 BPM)DJ Space’c04:19
24Bottled Up (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Levy 903:51
25Side Effects (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Kangaroo04:18
26The Way I Am (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Thomas05:20
27Goodbye (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters05:07
28Drive My Car (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Trancemission03:23
29Thunderclouds (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters04:03
30Promises (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters04:20
31Solo Dance (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Kyria04:51
32Right Now (Fitness Version 128 BPM)D’mixmasters04:03
33Greatest Love Of All (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Th Express04:22
34All I Am (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Th Express04:35
35Made For Now (Fitness Version 128 BPM)Claudia04:48
Download VA – 35 Best Cardio Dance Hits 2019-WEB-2019-iDC