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#Song TitleArtistTime
1Hopscotch (Clean)88rising, Joji & AUGUST 08 ft Barney Bones & Rich Brian03:24
2Hopscotch (Dirty)88rising, Joji & AUGUST 08 ft Barney Bones & Rich Brian03:24
3Hopscotch (Intro Clean)88rising, Joji & AUGUST 08 ft Barney Bones & Rich Brian03:57
4Hopscotch (Intro Dirty)88rising, Joji & AUGUST 08 ft Barney Bones & Rich Brian03:57
5Hopscotch (Quick Hit Clean)88rising, Joji & AUGUST 08 ft Barney Bones & Rich Brian02:15
6Hopscotch (Quick Hit Dirty)88rising, Joji & AUGUST 08 ft Barney Bones & Rich Brian02:15
7Floss (Uncensored) (Clean)AJ Tracey ft Not3s & MoStack03:18
8Floss (Uncensored) (Dirty)AJ Tracey ft Not3s & MoStack03:18
9Floss (Uncensored) (Intro Clean)AJ Tracey ft Not3s & MoStack03:39
10Floss (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)AJ Tracey ft Not3s & MoStack03:39
11Floss (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Clean)AJ Tracey ft Not3s & MoStack01:49
12Floss (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)AJ Tracey ft Not3s & MoStack01:49
13Bentley (Lyric Video) (Clean Extended)Bram Fidder03:33
14Bentley (Lyric Video) (Clean Radio Edit)Bram Fidder02:41
15Bentley (Lyric Video) (Clean Short Edit)Bram Fidder02:17
16Too Much (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Dirty Extended)Curbi03:45
17Too Much (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Dirty Radio Edit)Curbi03:02
18Too Much (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Dirty Short Edit)Curbi02:15
19OFF THE RIP (Uncensored) (Clean)DaBaby01:55
20OFF THE RIP (Uncensored) (Dirty)DaBaby01:55
21OFF THE RIP (Uncensored) (Intro Clean)DaBaby02:41
22OFF THE RIP (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)DaBaby02:41
23OFF THE RIP (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Clean)DaBaby01:36
24OFF THE RIP (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)DaBaby01:36
25When I’m Gone (Clean)Dirty Honey03:21
26When I’m Gone (Intro Clean)Dirty Honey03:31
27When I’m Gone (Quick Hit Clean)Dirty Honey01:40
28What’s Yo Name (Remix) (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Clean)Fashion The Rapper ft Too Short02:41
29What’s Yo Name (Remix) (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Dirty)Fashion The Rapper ft Too Short02:41
30What’s Yo Name (Remix) (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Intro Clean)Fashion The Rapper ft Too Short02:50
31What’s Yo Name (Remix) (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)Fashion The Rapper ft Too Short02:50
32What’s Yo Name (Remix) (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Clean)Fashion The Rapper ft Too Short01:40
33What’s Yo Name (Remix) (Lyric Video) (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)Fashion The Rapper ft Too Short01:40
34Into The Surf (Clean)Foals04:27
35Into The Surf (Intro Clean)Foals04:43
36Into The Surf (Quick Hit Clean)Foals02:27
37Rockstar Flow (Uncensored) (Dirty)Gnar02:13
38Rockstar Flow (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)Gnar02:19
39Rockstar Flow (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)Gnar01:21
40Scumbag (Dirty)Goody Grace ft Blink-18203:30
41Scumbag (Intro Dirty)Goody Grace ft Blink-18203:57
42Scumbag (Quick Hit Dirty)Goody Grace ft Blink-18202:14
43Queen Of The Night (Clean)Hey Violet03:13
44Queen Of The Night (Dirty)Hey Violet03:13
45Queen Of The Night (Intro Clean)Hey Violet04:01
46Queen Of The Night (Intro Dirty)Hey Violet04:01
47Queen Of The Night (Quick Hit Clean)Hey Violet02:13
48Queen Of The Night (Quick Hit Dirty)Hey Violet02:13
49DMV Intro (Uncensored) (Dirty)HoodRich Pablo Juan03:47
50DMV Intro (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)HoodRich Pablo Juan03:19
51DMV Intro (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)HoodRich Pablo Juan02:12
52ME (Clean)Jadakiss03:46
53ME (Dirty)Jadakiss03:46
54ME (Intro Clean)Jadakiss04:00
55ME (Intro Dirty)Jadakiss04:00
56ME (Quick Hit Clean)Jadakiss02:15
57ME (Quick Hit Dirty)Jadakiss02:15
58Homemade (Clean)Jake Owen03:10
59Homemade (Intro Clean)Jake Owen03:33
60Homemade (Quick Hit Clean)Jake Owen01:58
61The Book (Clean Extended)JORD & DJ MP404:15
62The Book (Clean Radio Edit)JORD & DJ MP403:20
63The Book (Clean Short Edit)JORD & DJ MP402:24
64By My Lonely (Uncensored) (Dirty)Kevin Gates02:09
65By My Lonely (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)Kevin Gates02:49
66By My Lonely (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)Kevin Gates01:57
67The One (Lyric Video) (Clean Extended)Kim Kaey05:40
68The One (Lyric Video) (Clean Short Edit)Kim Kaey02:33
69G Love (Clean)Krept & Konan ft WizKid02:45
70G Love (Dirty)Krept & Konan ft WizKid02:45
71G Love (Intro Clean)Krept & Konan ft WizKid03:04
72G Love (Intro Dirty)Krept & Konan ft WizKid03:04
73G Love (Quick Hit Clean)Krept & Konan ft WizKid01:50
74G Love (Quick Hit Dirty)Krept & Konan ft WizKid01:50
75Hey Lupe (Dirty)Lupe Fiasco04:09
76Hey Lupe (Intro Dirty)Lupe Fiasco03:58
77Hey Lupe (Quick Hit Dirty)Lupe Fiasco01:47
78No Hard Feelings (Clean)Melii02:23
79No Hard Feelings (Dirty)Melii02:23
80No Hard Feelings (Intro Clean)Melii02:34
81No Hard Feelings (Intro Dirty)Melii02:34
82No Hard Feelings (Quick Hit Clean)Melii01:58
83No Hard Feelings (Quick Hit Dirty)Melii01:58
84Beach & Country (Clean)Morgan Heritage03:46
85Beach & Country (Intro Clean)Morgan Heritage04:20
86Beach & Country (Quick Hit Clean)Morgan Heritage02:17
87Nice To Meet Ya (Alternate Version) (Clean)Niall Horan02:38
88Nice To Meet Ya (Alternate Version) (Intro Clean)Niall Horan02:54
89Nice To Meet Ya (Alternate Version) (Quick Hit Clean)Niall Horan01:36
90Just Keep Going (Dirty)Quando Rondo02:01
91Just Keep Going (Intro Dirty)Quando Rondo02:27
92Just Keep Going (Quick Hit Dirty)Quando Rondo01:30
93Chocolate (Uncensored) (Dirty Extended)Robin Roxette, Adje & Alex Sargo03:10
94Chocolate (Uncensored) (Dirty Radio Edit)Robin Roxette, Adje & Alex Sargo02:50
95Chocolate (Uncensored) (Dirty Short Edit)Robin Roxette, Adje & Alex Sargo01:30
96Take One To The Head (Clean)Sabrina Claudio03:40
97Take One To The Head (Intro Clean)Sabrina Claudio03:17
98Take One To The Head (Quick Hit Clean)Sabrina Claudio02:21
99YKTS (Uncensored) (Dirty)Sheck Wes03:14
100YKTS (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)Sheck Wes03:33
101YKTS (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)Sheck Wes01:36
102VOICES (Dirty)Skye ft XXXTENTACION02:32
103VOICES (Intro Dirty)Skye ft XXXTENTACION03:02
104VOICES (Quick Hit Dirty)Skye ft XXXTENTACION02:20
105Stevie (XXX) (Dirty)Smokepurpp02:01
106Stevie (XXX) (Intro Dirty)Smokepurpp02:47
107Stevie (XXX) (Quick Hit Dirty)Smokepurpp01:46
108Ain’t For Me (Dirty)Stupid Young ft Azjah & Steelz02:51
109Ain’t For Me (Intro Dirty)Stupid Young ft Azjah & Steelz02:40
110Ain’t For Me (Quick Hit Dirty)Stupid Young ft Azjah & Steelz01:50
111Morning (Clean)Teyana Taylor & Kehlani04:11
112Morning (Dirty)Teyana Taylor & Kehlani04:11
113Morning (Intro Clean)Teyana Taylor & Kehlani04:48
114Morning (Intro Dirty)Teyana Taylor & Kehlani04:48
115Morning (Quick Hit Clean)Teyana Taylor & Kehlani02:16
116Morning (Quick Hit Dirty)Teyana Taylor & Kehlani02:16
117Hello Again (Clean)The Cars03:44
118Hello Again (Intro Clean)The Cars03:26
119Hello Again (Quick Hit Clean)The Cars01:33
120Magic (Clean)The Cars03:54
121Magic (Intro Clean)The Cars03:39
122Magic (Quick Hit Clean)The Cars01:33
123Tonight She Comes (Clean)The Cars03:48
124Tonight She Comes (Intro Clean)The Cars03:44
125Tonight She Comes (Quick Hit Clean)The Cars01:41
126You Might Think (Clean)The Cars03:03
127You Might Think (Intro Clean)The Cars02:59
128You Might Think (Quick Hit Clean)The Cars01:02
129Love Me More (Uncensored) (Clean)Trippie Redd02:23
130Love Me More (Uncensored) (Dirty)Trippie Redd02:23
131Love Me More (Uncensored) (Intro Clean)Trippie Redd02:52
132Love Me More (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)Trippie Redd02:52
133Love Me More (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Clean)Trippie Redd01:43
134Love Me More (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)Trippie Redd01:43
135Hittas (Dirty)Yella Beezy ft NLE Choppa03:30
136Hittas (Intro Dirty)Yella Beezy ft NLE Choppa03:49
137Hittas (Quick Hit Dirty)Yella Beezy ft NLE Choppa02:27
138223’s (Uncensored) (Dirty)YNW Melly ft 9lokknine02:54
139223’s (Uncensored) (Intro Dirty)YNW Melly ft 9lokknine03:12
140223’s (Uncensored) (Quick Hit Dirty)YNW Melly ft 9lokknine01:41
141That’s My Baby (Dirty)Yung Pinch ft Pouya02:58
142That’s My Baby (Intro Dirty)Yung Pinch ft Pouya03:25
143That’s My Baby (Quick Hit Dirty)Yung Pinch ft Pouya01:49
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