MyRecordPool Pack For DJs 0811

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Format:MPEG-1 LAYER 3
Bitrate:320 Kbps
Sample Rate:44100 Hz
Size:2182 MB
#Song TitleArtistTime
1Primary Thoughts06:24
3Klick (Original Mix)05:35
4Was Was (Original Mix)05:35
5Rajel (Original Mix)05:37
6Électrique Yarghol (Original Mix)06:32
7Staifia (Original Mix)06:09
8Rimitti Dor (Original Mix)05:08
9You Don’t Need Me (Original Mix)06:11
10Dark Moon (Original Mix)06:10
11The Rising (Extended Mix)06:33
12Do You Dare (Original Mix)06:17
13Above Water feat Jade Hendrix (Original Mix)05:24
14Voyager feat Jade Hendrix (Original Mix)05:16
15Winding River (Original Mix)05:23
16Till It Hurts (Original Mix)05:36
17Tinnies & Ciggies (Original Mix)05:22
18Voltage Control (Extended Mix)06:33
19Beyond Space (Extended Mix)06:47
20Free Fall feat Monika Santucci (Sheridan Grout Extended Remix)06:03
21Blue Lagoon (Extended Mix)06:32
22Temples (Original Mix)05:54
23Runaway feat Candace Sosa (Extended Mix)06:12
24Overall Phased (Extended Mix)05:26
25Scratch the Surface (Original Mix)05:20
26Midsummer Night (Original Mix)05:43
27Always feat Nation Of One (Extended Mix)05:41
28Octubre (Aera Remix)05:38
29India (Anatolian Sessions Remix)06:53
30India (Original Mix)06:20
31Surrender feat Foux (NASH Extended Remix)06:05
32Feeling Blue (Original Mix)06:31
33acedia (ov) (Rinzen Remix)05:17
34Slooth House (Original Mix)06:34
35Escape (Original Mix)05:38
36Tau (Extended Mix)05:26
37Body Mind06:23
38Take Some Time06:03
39Days Like This (Heerhorst & Meissner Remix)06:32
40Pieces of Mind (Original Mix)05:48
41Ocean (Original Mix)05:53
42Moonlight (Original Mix)05:49
43Bias (Original Mix)05:06
44We The Punks (Desert Sound Colony Remix)05:45
45Windswept Sand Dune (Fred Everything Space Re-Do)05:52
46Oriental Dragon featring Magda (Original Mix)06:42
47Hejaz (Original Mix)05:53
48Gravity (Original Mix)05:22
49Laserface 03 (Leaving You) (Extended Mix)05:25
50Sky Citizen (Extended Mix)06:08
51Reboot (Extended Mix)05:47
52Alley-oop (Original Mix)05:39
53Gatekeeper (Original Mix)06:41
54Forever (NiQW Remix)05:24
55Khepre (Original Mix)06:30
56Flesh (Genix Remix)06:51
58The Controversial Control06:45
59Lido (Original Mix)05:02
60Be Free (Jerry C. King’s 2019 Remix)05:42
61Hinder (Original Mix)05:42
634Life (Original Mix)06:39
64Pranic Lift 777 (Evigt Mörker Remix)06:26
65Walking by a Dream (Original Mix)06:22
66With My Heart (Extended Mix)06:12
67Mission_ Elevator (Original Mix)05:55
68Neurotic (Original Mix)06:15
69Shake It (Original Mix)05:29
70Gilead (Club Mix)06:09
71Kids so kool (Original Mix)05:21
72Angels (Original Mix)06:36
73Just A Dream (Nitrous Oxide Extended Remix)05:54
75Never Trust A Hippy05:06
76The Prescription Is Love06:07
77She Slowly Caught Fire06:27
78Lonely Sirens06:10
79Don’t Give Up Now06:08
80Final View From The Rooftops06:11
81Possible Worlds06:23
82I Wish You Could See It Too06:34
83You (Original Mix)05:06
84Dust (Original Mix)05:24
85Stronger (Original Mix)05:32
86Shadows (Original Mix)06:36
87Visitor (Original Mix)06:30
88Western Shout (Original Mix)06:49
89Tension Lines05:22
90Kindred (Original Mix)06:14
91A Que Hora Cierra (Moowen Remix)06:04
92Different Decisions (Original Mix)05:43
93No Nukes (Original Mix)06:30
94A Walking Embrace (Original Mix)05:29
9523nrg (Original Mix)06:21
96Solar System06:01
97Don’t Need To Know Your Name (Extended Mix)05:34
98Waves of Love (Foggy Guys Remix)05:44
99Waves of Love (Original Mix)06:47
100Waves of Love (Secret Eternal Remix)06:41
101Lithosphere (Original Mix)05:07
102Changing Preferences (Original Mix)06:00
103Abandon (Original Mix)05:27
104Pacific (Original Mix)05:27
105Luciola (Original Mix)05:02
106Pyramids in the Sky (Original Mix)05:29
107Vidya (Original Mix)05:47
108Integral feat Osiris Heyerdahl (Original Mix)06:17
109Karma (Original Mix)05:56
110Ten (Original Mix)05:37
111Running (Extended Mix)05:07
112Ik Vari Do Vari (Original Mix)05:22
113Southern Sun (Original Mix)05:24
114Time Stood Still (Original Mix)05:33
115You’re Not Alone (Original Mix)05:06
116Lost & Found (Extended Mix)05:41
117Push Back (Extended Mix)05:19
118Landslide feat Inja (Original Mix)06:12
119Mystic quartz (Original Mix)05:28
121Light (Extended Mix)05:39
122Ujan (Original Mix)06:01
123Run (Original Mix)05:02
124Pedras (Original Mix)05:46
127Lost Hope06:31
128Eternal Blue Sky (Original Mix)06:16
129Abstrakt (Extended Mix)05:50
130American Spiral (Original Mix)05:35
131Attractor B (Original Mix)05:29
132Nonlin (Original Mix)05:15
133Reverse Culture Music (Original Mix)06:09
134Subtractive Skies (Original Mix)06:46
135Magnetic Force (Original Mix)05:28
136The Oasis (Bangin Mix)06:27
137Till Tomorrow (Extended Mix)05:56
138Eternia (Extended Mix)06:29
139Something Wonderful (Original Mix)06:24
140Far Cry (Extended Mix)06:49
141Perc 2 (Original Mix)06:44
142Watts (Original Mix)05:58
143Nought To Gain (Original Mix)06:28
1442b-UI Tracking Station06:00
145Astro (Extended Mix)06:04
146Movements (Original Mix)06:02
147Demand (Luciano Vaninetti Remix)06:46
148Immersion (Original Mix)06:07
149Reality Channel Switch (Original Mix)05:28
150Rezzo (Extended Mix)05:47
151Roll Together (Steve Moore Mix)05:31
152Suprema (Extended)06:00
153A Coffee in Paris (Original Mix)05:28
154Detective Clark’s Saturday Case (Original Mix)05:23
155Dusk Till Dawn (Original Mix)05:30
156Sunrise on Kalymnos (Original Mix)06:32
157The Room Downstairs (Original Mix)05:20
158Bring Me Down (Original Mix)05:29
159No Man (Original Mix)06:27
161Frozen Memories (Original Mix)06:26
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