Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is MyRecordPool ?
A) MyRecordpool is a website that aggregates music from different sources and bringing it all into one place. Saving you time and money than going to several places. Our record pool is by far one of the better sites you will find online.
Q) What is a record pool?
A) A record pool offers you different format of music to promote or simply go here for a more in-depth outlook.
Q) How much does it cost ?
A) To access the content that you see on the website the monthly price is $9.99 a month. No contract. Cancel anytime.
Q) Where can I sign up?
A) You can register by clicking on any download to register/pay for your account.
Q) What payment option do you take ?
A) By default we take Paypal if that is not an option for you we also take cryptocurrency. If you have another payment method feel free to contact us to see what we can do.
Q) How much can I download?
A) There is no limits when you sign up. You can download as much as you like.
Q) How often do you update ?
A) Our service is updated daily. We have bots that generate new uploads without any user interaction so we can better serve you.
Q) What kind of content can I expect?
A) What you see on this website is what you get. The genre can range from different types. The format can also range in different type whether is MP3, FLAC or MP4 videos.
Q) How fast can I download?
A) Generally depends on your location / speed and other metrics but we suggest using a download manager. The bandwidth available we have is not clogged and we will be sure you have great speeds.
Q) Where can I submit my music for promotion?
A) You can submit your music and other relevant information to the e-mail above. Please e-mail in a zip file for various tracks or just an .mp3 attached on the e-mail.
Contact for more information¬†[email protected]