First blog entry – general –

Hello all

We have been wanting to do this for a long time. To make a blog to keep you guys “up to date” as to what we are doing, issues we are having, things that are coming up and overall just have a better bond. This is one of many “communication” platforms that will come.

We are thinking of adding a forum based website where we can interact with each other, opening a discord server for live support/chat and so on. Please excuse the first blog as we can say a lot of things. I will try to fill in with better categories as far as “announcements”, “problems”, “upgrades” and so on to make it easier to see what we are saying.

I hope in the near future we can get this done but we are working constantly to make this site better than the rest. We are trying to be unique by doing things that aren’t found on other sites.

Anyway wanted to give people an update of what is to come to have a better communication with our users.…