Extras section added – FLYERS

We are introducing a new section called "extras". There is several extra services that we would like to use but we aren't sure if people would want them. We would like to hear your feedback. We are starting off with "FLYERS" section. More to come later.

Flyers is basically a section for DJs or any promoters who are paid members of MRP to take advantage of the flyers we offer. We will customize it and add your information that you need for your gig. We feel that we should be helping DJs promote themselves and this is one way to do it other than just music.

We will be adding more sections that we will be experimenting with and isn't to be considered as the "core" of the services we offer (that is scenemp3/flac/beatport/recordpool).

More information about what what we would require to make a flyer for you is available here.

NEW – Live TV Service

NEW - We are starting an IPTV (live TV) service. Basically a place you can go to watch 2600+ HD Channels, Sports Package for NBA, NFL, Soccer etc, all PPV fights. If you're a MRP member you pay just $5 more a month to access. Two day trial just e-mail us and we will show you how to watch. Phone (Android/iPhone), TV (FireStick/Apple TV), Web Browser, PC (VLC). Only giving trials Monday - Thursday.

If you want to see a preview of the channels we offer you can watch this Youtube link. This is one method out of many.

The payment will be $15 which will cover both MRP + IPTV ( Calling it MyIPTVPool). If you just want MRP the price will still be the same at $10. We consider our prices to still be cheap for having both services at that price. Once you try our service you will not be disappointed.

You will be able to stream up to 4 devices with $15/month. Up two different IPs. If you want to watch at home or at work is fine.

We want to bring more value to our service by offering another service completely geared towards "everyone" and our price is a bargain. Is a steal for what we offer here and our new service.

Instead of paying $200+ for the "Ultimate" package whether is Verizon, Xfinity, DirectTV, and other "streaming" sites we will be saving you a lot of money and you will be able to get it here.

We are talking about all your "premium" channels for one low price.

NOTE: We will ONLY be giving out trials Monday - Thursday. To avoid people who just want to have free access to pay-per-view fights in the weekend and not be interested in the service. If you pay you will get access right away any time of the day.
Contact: [email protected]

Our first blog entry

Hello all

We have been wanting to do this for a long time. To make a blog to keep you guys "up to date" as to what we are doing, issues we are having, things that are coming up and overall just have a better bond. This is one of many "communication" platforms that will come.

We are thinking of adding a forum based website where we can interact with each other, opening a discord server for live support/chat and so on. Please excuse the first blog as we can say a lot of things. I will try to fill in with better categories as far as "announcements", "problems", "upgrades" and so on to make it easier to see what we are saying.

I hope in the near future we can get this done but we are working constantly to make this site better than the rest. We are trying to be unique by doing things that aren't found on other sites.

Anyway wanted to give people an update of what is to come to have a better communication with our users.