Blog Post 0508

I wanted to take some time to talk about the things we are doing currently and things to come.

There is a lot of automation we have to do left specifically speaking with the recordpools. If you may have noticed there are a few pools that get released separately from everything else at random times of the days. Those pools are now "automatic" (they check for releases, downloads them, packs them and schedules for releases) vs how most sites including our own do it manually/automated in the sense that it takes some manual interaction. We still backhaul from other pool sites like ours to get content but we also have access to the same pools however it takes time to automate every single one as they are differently from each other (in terms of encryption, security policies, download methods and so on). This will take some time and hopefully in the future we will give you a list of all the pools we have available and where we stand with them. The updates will still come just bear in mind how many pools we have to release content from including our own.

We are trying out new services rather than thinking if users would want them we are just going to push out ideas that we had for a while and build on them as I am sure some people would like to use our service or would like something of our service. For example, FLYERS section we have access to a lot of flyers both free and premium that can benefit a DJ for example to promote themselves better and I think rather than going somewhere else they can count on us to provide that for them. Some people have Adobe Photoshop CS4+ and others do not. Some get flyers are good and others are average. I think we can help DJs out here with an extra "perk" for being with us. It helps them and it help us be more value towards those who pay.

We are aware of some of the issues people share with us recently I discovered that people may not know about zip/rar files which is the case when you download an album from our filehost. In order to open it you need such programs (free) to extract. So we will do some tutorials along the way for that and other ways that people may not exist.

Our social media is lacking with content and updates. We will be more open minded with social media to respond to users who have questions rather than just e-mail. We put a chat box earlier today to help this. There is other methods that we are thinking of and we will add them in time.

Categories for recordpools will come, tags so you know what genre youre getting will come, artist tags will come and many other things. 

There is a lot to be done and improve so if you read this today check back in a month and see what we got going on. Every day we are working on something whether big or small. We aren't just going to be a "blog" or a "pool" that does the same thing. We are looking to expand our ideas it just takes money and time. 


Hello if you are here because you want to know how to get your own flyer with your information please provide us the following and read below for more information about this "extra" service.

Want your own information - send us club name, DJ names, location, phone number, date, social media username etc

NOTE: This is done on the best effort basis. We will allow 4 flyers per member per month to avoid abuse. This is for paid members only not for trials. Our logo or website may be included at our discretion. 

NOTE: If you want a picture added instead of text then please contact us we will refer you to someone who can cut the person out of the picture.

Send e-mail to [email protected] & include your Paypal e-mail address. Read about why we have this section here. Thank you! 

Join our team

Hello all,

We are asking the community of MRP if they know anyone in the music industry whether is directly, a place of business whether is a company website (record pool), blog, or anything relating to music we would like to read about it. Contact us and e-mail us what you have access to and what you would be willing to get out of it. We are in the process of adding new content to the website for different types of DJs, Radio, Music Enthusiasts.

We need your help. If we don't have it and you think we should carry it let us know no matter the price we would keep it in mind and investigate it ourselves to see if its worth putting it on here. We are not limited to the genres we currently have. 

We are currently looking to fill some voids in the music record pool scene. We often read on serato, reddit, and social media for DJs looking for example Bollywood music. There is some sources we have gathered and we are looking to add some in the future. We would like to tap into the asian record pools (if there is) or start with some websites if they are consistent with their updates.

If you have access to pre access material, or even same day material, whether is Indian, Japenese or if you like a website other than us tell us let us look and see what automation we can do for you. 

If you're part of a record pool we don't currently have or even one that we do have already. Contact us we could use your help in keeping access to these websites in return you will get a free account here even if we already have it. We will just set up bots to log in through a proxy and download and upload it to our servers here nothing else. We have backup accounts already and would like to continue keeping them "just-in case". 

In conclusion, we are looking to expand our variety of music and we have the technical knowledge to put it together we just need some guidance on where to go from here. 

Contact us anytime at [email protected]