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PSK-13-Flagrant The Hustle Game Project Pt. I-CD-FLAC-2000-CALiFLAC


January 14, 2020

PSK-13-Flagrant The Hustle Game Project Pt. I-CD-FLAC-2000-CALiFLAC
Artist: PSK-13
Album: Flagrant: The Hustle Game Project Pt. I
Genre: Rap
Released: 2000
Tracks: 15
Playtime: 01:03:40
Format: FLAC 16 BITS
Bitrate: 970 Kbps
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Size: 442 MB
# Song Title Artist Time
1 What The F$%k Am I Supposed To Do (feat. Mr. Thai-Coon) PSK-13 04:53
2 Don't Push Me (Radio Edit) (feat. C-Loc) PSK-13 05:00
3 Holdin' It Down In These Streets PSK-13 04:32
4 All Heads Turn (feat. The Outfit) PSK-13 04:39
5 Let These Boys Know (feat. Lil Flexx) PSK-13 04:18
6 Lose My Head PSK-13 04:47
7 Wood, Leather, Screens, Bang (feat. Black of 20-2-Life & Kid2Face) PSK-13 02:20
8 Hustlaz Across The Nation (feat. Z-Ro of the Screwed Up Click) PSK-13 03:18
9 Fo' Sheazy (feat. Lil KeKe) PSK-13 03:29
10 'Bout My Money (feat. Ska-Face Al Kapone) PSK-13 03:51
11 Hustlin' Ain't Easy (feat. Kid2Face & Point Blank) PSK-13 04:53
12 Hard In The Paint (feat. K-Rino) PSK-13 04:04
13 Sunshine PSK-13 04:01
14 W-E-E-D (feat. Ill Out Dat Mo) PSK-13 04:16
15 Whatchu Workin' Wit' (feat. The Outfit) PSK-13 05:19